Civilization 5 – Venice Gameplay [43 Civ Mod Strategy] Brave New World – Part 1

CIVILIZATION 5 Gameplay Strategy as Venice VS the World [43 Civs Mod] –

TSL 43 Civ Earth as Arabia:
TSL 43 Civ Earth as England:
Ancient Rome:

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48 thoughts on “Civilization 5 – Venice Gameplay [43 Civ Mod Strategy] Brave New World – Part 1

  1. Actually as venice liberty is more important than tradition because you can get free two great merchants from it. Venice was my first deity win and I still think theyre the best civ for singleplayer deity/immortal.

  2. I believe it's called the Venetian Great Venice Merchant of Venetian Venice Merchant's Venetian Venice guild of Venice

  3. How do you get the game to place the right civ's on the right position? i mean Venice, Rome, Greece all start on the right geographical place. I can't find a way to do it or is it a mod?

  4. the first time i played this game, everyone lost against venice…
    and poland was present in that game.

  5. As a Venice main, I had absolutely no idea happiness was a thing because I always started with wine, incense and other stuff. Like, a lot of luxury resources. And I completely dominated everything with my strong city and amazing military my city states just gave me

  6. The last time i played Venice Egypt backstabbed me twice and eliminated my trade routes. The second time i built a bunch of great galleases and took Heliopolis which he settled 5 tiles away from Venice to finally shut him up. What a douchebag. Still couldn't win that game though because of that douchebag setting me back

  7. I LOVE your channel man i technically learned how to play civ 5 when i got the game from you,you are a life changer, continue what you are doing drew

  8. Why oh why don't TSL maps have Venice on a freaking island!!! In fact this happens in almost every strategy game (save EU4). The very heart of Venice is the fact that it's on an island, disconnected from the mainland. It's foundation, culture and entire history revolves around this fact. Gosh it frustrates me

  9. I cant believe you just ended prague before they could even settle. You dirty little robber drew >:D

  10. So I found a few of the mods( map, Kongo, Sioux, Canada) where do I get the rest of them like the Boers for example.

  11. Is he using true geographic resorces or historical resources for civilizations ? Because when I ticked one of this option, I didnt have any citruses, marble etc.

  12. drew please for your games sake…. get guilds lol pump out specialists like its your job hhaha

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