C# Xna Platformer Made Easy Tutorial 1 – ScreenState [Part 1]

Have you ever wanted to make a platformer in c# from scratch but didn’t know how? Well this is the tutorial to watch if you’d like to learn. In this tutoriail we will be starting off screenstate which will help us transition from different screens in our game. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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29 thoughts on “C# Xna Platformer Made Easy Tutorial 1 – ScreenState [Part 1]

  1. This is amazing tutorial, but I understand it not very well because I'm from Russia, but anyhow, it's amazing!

  2. i know this video tutorial is 2 years old now, but has the source code been removed from the site now? I have to make a simple platform game as part of a group for my games design degree and I am looking at learning coding the game, but i cant find the source code to look through. I need to learn from scratch

  3. It took me so long to find this video.  I hate it when a video has a perfectly good, grammatically correct, ENGLISH title, but when you click on it, it's in some foreign language that I can't understand. 

  4. Thanks for making these videos.  Quick question, will this platformer also run on the xbox 360 or windows only?  Is the conversion difficult?

  5. Just a quick question, not directly related to this video but to a part of the series. Do you think it would be difficult (I understand XML a lot more now and Im quite proficient with c#, though still learning a lot of course) it would be to make your filemanager class from this series into an xml based system like the one in your monogame series?

  6. HAHAHAHAHAH scractch… REMINDS me my old days LOL. Actully,school is teaching us scractch but i learn C# XNA lol…

  7. Actually, he can,

    Example: Terraria was coded in XNA and c# as a test game, and Blew up to massive proportions,

  8. to answer the question, no. the game must use openGL or DirectX so that Steam can hook onto the game to show the in-game interface. The game must support the in-game interface as a requirement of any steam game

  9. If your game is 2d you could just make your own physics. Unless you need very complex physics..

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