Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater (Lasiodora parahybana) Care & Husbandry

In this video I cover care, husbandry, molting and feeding for the Lasiodora parahybana, also known as the Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater Tarantula. This care info is also applicable to the Lasiodora klugi (Bahia Scarlet Bird Eater) and the Lasiodora difficilis (Brazilian Red Birdeater). IThis includes handling, temperature, humidity, set up, enclosure, substrate, lifespan, and size for spiderlings, juveniles and adult tarantulas. I cover essentially everything you need to know about set up and taking care of your tarantula. This is the twenty fifth episode in a weekly series called Tarantula Tuesday. I will be highlighting one species each week covering basic information, husbandry and care. If you found this video helpful and/or entertaining, please hit the like button so new keepers can find this content further down the road. I have Tarantula Collective T-shirts, Stickers, Hoodies, and all kinds of different merch available for purchase…check the link out down below. The other links for items for sale on Amazon are affiliate links (as well as the Tarantula Collective storefront on Amazon), if you use, also help support this channel! Be sure to join our facebook group, The Tarantula Collective, to continue the conversation and follow @the_tarantula_collective on Instagram for daily pictures of tarantulas from my collection. 🖖💚🕷

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48 thoughts on “Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater (Lasiodora parahybana) Care & Husbandry

  1. If you enjoyed this content, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! To see more video like this, check out my playlist here:

  2. Couldn't wait any longer 😄 order done list for my first T's😁
    1. Lasiodora parahybana
    2.Grammostola pulchripes
    3.Tliltocatl albopilosum Nicaragua

  3. Just added one of these to my octopus puppy family today…thats now at least four T's I've been inspired to get from your videos! I'm not addicted to T's,honest… all…maybe…but seriously, thanks again for the awesome vids!

  4. My sling is coming Friday and I honestly didn’t know about the horrible hair they had. 😳😳😳😳 I’m ordering some goggles right now

  5. Great information just when I got a one of this T. one week ago. Now I am more convinced that I made the best choice. Thanks for this data.

  6. Another awesome video, Richard! Your videos have inspired me to start keeping more T's and creating nicer enclosures. I'm actually going to pickup one of these awesome Lasiodora parahybanas, because I can get a sling for $15.

    Did you ever create that video on how to make a tarantula safe lid for a 10 gallon tank? I have an old 10g tank that I'll end up using for mine eventually, and I'd love to figure out how to make a safe lid for it.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. I got my LP in October last year, although she seems to be very defensive, so defensive that every time I open her tank she runs into her hide, is this a normal thing for this species? She’s still only a juvenile so I don’t know if it’s just that?

  8. I was browsing around for my first T, thought I'd gotten a Pink toe and set up an arborial enclosure. Then I checked my online receipt and the scientific name wasnt avicularia so I double checked. Turns out I got one of these dudes. Makes sense now as in the description it stated that this batch of slings had two extremely large parents so I guess I'm gonna have one heck of a T when it grows up 😂

  9. 4:00 Beany Baby cases will make a great substitute for you. They are usually around 4X4X8… They make great enclosures for terrestrial and arboreal T's, it's all a matter of how you set them up… Right now most of my T's are calling one of these home. They are usually readily available on eBay… But don't buy from people that are trying to sell them for way to much, if you hunt around a bit you can usually find a great deal on a lot with multiple cases, often including the beany babies, which I give to my daughter haha The only issue I've found with them is that they are prone to cracking when drilling and they don't stay as perfectly clear as regular plexi glass. But they are still a fun and rather large case to build up, good for anything from 1-1.5" up to around 3.5"… Arboreals really make these into some awesome cases.. I usually take a small cork bark round and cut it in half near the middle at about a 45 degree angle, then silicon it to the bottom/back of the enclosure… I've also just screwed various pieces of cork bark on different areas of the enclosure, allowing a bunch of anchoring points for them to make their own web constructs… So far that setup seems to be ideal for heavy webbers, like pink toes and GBB's. I just ordered a 3" LP that is going to call one of these home for a while… I'm thinking about putting 2 of them together with a hole or maybe even a large diameter pipe connecting them to give it more room, possibly have one of the cases be like a feeding ground? I don't know yet… Also, the lids for these cases aren't really suitable to keep anything in on their own… I've tried several different things to keep them shut, all of which work fine, but mostly I use magnets.. You'll see what I mean if you get one. Happy Building!

  10. Found this searching for klugi which i am getting 2 1/4" as my first Ts next week. Thanks for the information.

  11. what temperature do you keep ur tarantulas at and how do you do it? space heater? Most people keep their whole collection at the same temperature and im not sure. Been told room temperature 70f is suitable and just wanted your opinion.

  12. I know this video is old but could u do a video on following species. H.maculata. P.auratus. S.kovariki p.lugardi and p.rufilata

  13. Would be interested in seeing a video on Lasiodorides polycuspulatus….Peruvian Blonde! Great vids keep em coming!

  14. Richard I am new to the hobby! Your videos were shared with me on the r/tarantulas subreddit. I am debating on getting an E. Murinus or OBT for my second species. Which would be your recommendation? My first is a common rose hair

  15. Thank you very much for this big video help about LP. I will have to add substrate to my LP sling right now. Thanks again.

  16. I was wondering what happened to the video about the acrylic lid? I can't find it on the playlist. If it's here let me know. If it's not I would really appreciate it if you would please send me a couple pics on Facebook messenger or share them on the Facebook group. I know its a lot to ask, but I really like your ideas and have used several and would like to see what you have goin' on before I wing it.

  17. I just have a question Richard woul d you make a care and husbendry video ubout the (asian forest scorpion)?

  18. Awesome vid… Awesome content. I've got one that'll be 18yo this year. Great species. And you're definitely right about those hairs..

  19. My girl is so cool. Lp hair don't bother me that much. You should check out my video of her the tarantula whisper. I paired her back in October and hopefully she drops a sack.

  20. Hey, i loved the video and i feel like i learned alot from it. I have a LP who is a little over 2 years old now but she hasnt eaten for close to 6 months now. Her abdomen is still large and she walks around alot and seems healthy but refuses to acknowlage the prey i give her. Both mealworms, crickets and Dubia roaches. People have Said that it is just a tarantula dooing tarantula stuff but i am getting kinda worried. Any tips or “reassuring” words?

  21. Would you Recommend this Species as someones first t? I have 3 species on my list but I can't decide which I should get. I informed myself alot about these amazing animals and I think that I'm ready to get my first t.
    My 3 favorites for my first t:
    Salmon Pink
    Grammostola Pulchra
    Green bottle blue

    Which would you recommend as my first t?
    And btw, your videos are very informative and I like them alot.
    Greetings from Austria 🙂

  22. So I just got my 15cm sub adult lasiodora parahybana and because I live in a hot and humid country the temperature often stays at 83-85 degrees Fahrenheit (maybe the occasional 87-90). Is this too hot for a tarantula of this species?

  23. Make another video showing more things about Green Bottle Blue. Thank you man, definitely you’re the best Tarantula YouTuber.

  24. Hi Richard. I have a sling that was put in an inclosure that is not at all right for this species. It was my fault. I didn't do enough research, but now I want to correct the issue. I have the perfect enclosure that is small enough for a sling, but it is deeper and now I want to give her a better home. Sometimes we can make mistakes that we don't even realize until we see a great video like this, showing the proper size and depth they should have. Thank you!

  25. I just got one , my first ever tarantula. I know the basics (i got a sling) tell me something important or things you do or the enclosure. I have a very big one for the spider but not giving it yet cuz its too small (the spider is too small for the big enclosure)

  26. I know you made a video on how to house and husbandry videos on all types of T's but can you do a video that can help beginners like me that already have made a few mistakes in housing a T the wrong way. I put a spiderling curly hair in a five gallon enclosure and it's been in there for well over a month and has don't very well, eats, hides, I'm sure drinks. Should I rehouse it? I also recently got a full grown not yet mature zebra knee T and made a burrow for it, which it likes but I made it way too big using a 6" log. Should I redo it's enclosure as well?

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