BlackWillow73 & Cryptonic Override: "We're gonna have to… hack the planet!" [Critical Role 2×91]

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43 thoughts on “BlackWillow73 & Cryptonic Override: "We're gonna have to… hack the planet!" [Critical Role 2×91]

  1. wheres the next nord vpn bit?
    what happened?
    Is coronavirus a sign they failed to hack the planet or that they succeded?

  2. I wonder if they have footage of the rest of the cast reacting to this somewhere. Taliesin and Ashley's reactions are great, but I'd love to see the rest of them.

  3. First Yeehaw game ranch and now freaking NordVPN, truly they have the deepest lore. I wonder why the Ultra-Codex wants to infect everyone

  4. those idiots call themselves hackers? they didnt even download more RAM memory to overclocked their USBs… fucking noobs

  5. This was absolute gold!

    Also, randomly found this

  6. Amazing ad, Sam is a national treasure. Too bad Nord VPN is god awful.

    That Gleaming the Cube reference was priceless.

  7. Jesus. So much of this is missed when I just listen via podcasts. Some of them are just too crazy not to come back and look up what shenanigans happened.

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