BEST LOOKING Games made with Unity! — Top 3

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Let’s check out three new games being made with Unity in 2018!

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Escape from Tarkov:
The Forest:


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24 thoughts on “BEST LOOKING Games made with Unity! — Top 3

  1. QOTD: What is your favorite game right now? Let me know 👇👇👇
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  2. I remember C++ wizards swearing blind that it was impossible to have good graphics with C#.

  3. Hi all, i'm trying to remember the name of a unity game (well, i'm pretty sure it was a unity game) anyway, it was a 2D game about geometric figures of different colors over a dark background that moved describing patterns. The goal was to tap the screen at some point were the figures would be aligned in a certain way… It was kinda hard. I played it in 2013, but I'm completely clueless about the specific year of release. If someone remembers the name, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. can you please make a video in which you could tell us about the assets used in these games??? because it's really hard to find that realistic assets…….you made a video about high quality assets but even that one wasn't so realistic compared to this…..again pleeeease…thank you is you think about it…..

  5. im getting unity to make a rough draft for a big open world sandbox game idea i have. ill be mostly be focusing on a story for now and leaving the techinical stuff up to devolpers. hopefully they think my game idea good!

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