[#1] VENICE CAMPAIGN – Medieval 2 Total War Gameplay

Medieval 2: Total War grand campaign. Playing as Venice on hardest difficulty.
Goal: Do my thing and kill everyone. You know how it goes by now. All their shit belongs to me.
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32 thoughts on “[#1] VENICE CAMPAIGN – Medieval 2 Total War Gameplay

  1. Just waiting for Feral Interactive to knock it out of the park once again and port Medieval 2 to mobile devices, while bingeing a classic series. And you?

  2. LOTW: Medieval 2 is the easiest total war game ever.
    My Dumbass: Loses as Sicily on the 20th turn😭👌

  3. "Shut the fuck up, or fuck off." Fucking hilarious. Perfect message for haters. Came back to watch this because i just started a new Venice campaign, and I want to see how much further he gets in a fraction of the turns. Lmao.

  4. I have made venice champaign because i forgot to turn the short champaign button, but i have been enjoyed and now i hope i can see a good gameplay. Edit: wow i remember i have sended up the bowmen to right street hill at Durazzo in same way 22:37

  5. LegendofTotalWar, in medieval 2 it can get hard expanding into new territory because of the pope's favor, and I have actually had a couple crusades called on me, and even though I beat them all the time it can drain my economy but if you get an alliance with the papal states and declare war on another country, it will say that u will be excommunicated but you are not. It is just a hack/bug that might help.

  6. Oh, man. I wish I'd had internet back when I had medieval 2 and other total wars. I never really got to experience online play and just watching this guy and others makes me sad. Like, the ai wasn't hard once you learned the game. Fighting other players who are super skilled would be awesome.

  7. used the same strategy for the 1st few turns as shown here… cept instead of taking Zagreb, went and took Milan and Genoa. Got excommunicated…. oh well. but those were some good points to tackle early game.

  8. Very nice guide, thank you very much. Quick question, how are you getting your units so large? In the campaign I'm playing, the infantry units come in 75.

  9. I agree with you entirely on the steam review thing. But the advantage to being allowed to review without download is you can report problems with the download to the community. By the way love your shit, keep it up 🙂

  10. Is the mods for Medieval 2 total war only playable if you bought/installed the game it via steam? (I bought the complete edition with the Kingdoms expansion)

  11. So LoTW, great videos you are making. M2TW is also for me my favorit TW.
    I have been playing it in 2006 for a year strait when i was 13. last years I have been playing it sporadicly everytime for a month or so. however. playing it even more then me.
    Don't you get tired of playing the game. especially sinds you made that series of bitz campain with the turks. concoring everything within 14 turns and stuf?

  12. Italian States are always annoying. You have superior power, and then everyone but the Papal States attacks you

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